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Sophos Antivirus Interface
Integrate the award-winning Sophos anti-malware engine into your solution

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Our Sophos Antivirus Interface (SAVI) enable software vendors, hardware vendors and service providers to easily integrate the Sophos anti-malware engine into their own applications and solutions. Used by many of the world's leading IT companies, the comprehensive C/C++ API and alternative interfaces allows for seamless integration and detection of malware and potentially unwanted applications (PUAs).


  • Native C/C++ COMbased interface
  • Supports interfaces to the Sophos antimalware engine for third-party applications
  • Provides protection against known and unknown threats
  • Efficient memory usage with multi-threading options available
  • Supports a range of platforms including 32 and 64 bits
  • Proactive technologies included to guard against zero-day threats
  • Uses the cloud to improve threat response, reduce false positives and provide more accurate threat detection

Sophos Antivirus Interface provides complete malware protection for third-party solutions.
Sophos Antivirus Interface provides complete malware protection for third-party solutions.


Choose how you interface

By using a C/C++ COM-based interface, we've exposed the full functionality of the Sophos anti-malware engine. Third-party applications are able to interface to the Sophos antimalware engine using callback functions in the SAVI library. Choose between directly linking over the SAVI SDK or by using the daemon process with the Sophos Antivirus Dynamic Interface (SAV-DI). Built as a socket-based wrapper for our antivirus interface, SAV-DI runs as a daemon on Unix/Linux and as a service on Windows. You can also call SAV-DI from multiple high-level programming languages including Perl, Python, Java, C#, .NET and VBScript.

Easy integration and backwards compatibility

SAVI allows integration with Windows and Unix/Linux platforms, including the most commonly used open source solutions. Our native C/C++ COM-based interface is available across all versions for cross-platform consistency. Once you integrate using SAVI, your solution is compatible with all future releases of the Sophos anti-malware engine. We'll get you started with SDK Integration resources, including documentation and sample applications. The SAVI SDK is also available with additional detection capabilities for PUAs and suspicious files.

Proactive malware detection

Sophos Behavioral Genotype Protection provides immediate zero-day protection from more than 80% of emerging threats. Our behavioral rule sets are constantly validated against an extensive library of malware samples and legitimate applications, ensuring accurate detection and reducing false positives.

Optimized product performance

SAVI improves your resource usage by requiring only one copy of the malware information database to service all requests. It doesn't require frequent loading and re-initialization. Also you'll get continuity of service using our "hot updating" mechanism. This allows for loading of new data in parallel with the previous data.

Additional protection using cloud intelligence

Our cloud infrastructure determines whether a suspicious file is malware or not. This method improves threat response while improving accuracy. Our cloud intelligence is available on Windows and Linux platforms and is easily configurable through SAVI.

Industry-leading 24/7/365 support

Our in-house expertise helps you integrate our technology while ensuring your customers satisfaction. You'll get specialized OEM support delivered by engineers that speak your language and are available 24/7/365 by email or telephone.

Technical Specifications:

Supported development environments

  • Windows COM-compliant Dynamic Link Library (DLL) or out-of process noncompliant service
  • Linux & UNIX platforms: shared library, supplied in binary form or networking APIs

Supported platforms

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Unix


Download the Sophos Antivirus Interface Data Sheet (PDF).

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